Wall and Stair Protection Products

PVC Wall guards and Tactile strips
Warrior products

Wall Protection in any Hospital or Kitchen Project with Sturdiness ,Fire rated and Antibacterial properties are very important Project Elements

Warrior WPS is one of the leading and most trusted providers of high-profile wall protection and building safety products in the Middle East, characterized by cutting-edge technology, highest quality standards, and competitive pricing.

What We Offer?

Manufacturing & Supplying high-grade range  of PVC (Vinyl) , Aluminium , Rubber , Steel and Stainless steel wall protection systems,  Warrior WPS has gained an impressive customer base all across the U.A.E (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, & Sharjah), Muscat (Oman), Qatar (Doha), Jeddah & Riyadh, (Saudi Arabia), Kuwait and Bahrain, and in rest of the world.

We have successfully been expanding our comprehensive and diversified portfolio to international markets, along with serving our increasing customer base in Middle East.

Our portfolio of Warrior Products include  LED  Lighting solutions specializing in Industrial and Commercial Lighting as also Expansion Joints for Civil Construction including Buildings/Dams/Airports and those can be found at  Linear Systems.

You may peruse our other various safety items at Warrior Products Page 

Our Crash Security Bollards  

Our Safety materials  for the Visually Impaired can be viewed at Tactile Stud


Proguard surface protection system has excellent dirt repellant properties and can easily be cleaned with common detergent and non-abrasive pads that makes maintenance very easy.


Under standard test conditions, our product will not be damaged with a weight of 250 kg at a velocity of 5 km/hr.


Our products can be reused or recycled resulting in a sustainable product that is good for the environment and qualifies as a green product.


Proguard surface protection system are non-toxic, low smoke, halogen free.uv resistant additives maintain product life.