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Anodized Aluminium Skirting

Anodized Aluminium Skirting
Aluminium and PVC Skirting

What are Aluminium  Skirting?

The contemporary building
models need enhanced wall protection and infrastructure safety complemented by
elegance and high aesthetics. Exceptionally manufactured and properly
installed Aluminium skirting is the best and most economical
technique to achieve this purpose. Modern buildings, both residential and
commercial, require clean lines, pure finish and an outstanding feel. High-quality
Aluminium skirting
 is fitted to the lower edge of the walls to create
a clean line appearance while adding extra protection to the building’s walls,
without using expensive materials or labor.

Aluminium Skirting Brings an Exceptional Modularity & Strength

Warrior offers a
distinctive array of modern aluminum striking defined by
striped patterns and diverse colors. These are strictly compliant to safety
code of conducts, offering prolonged life of walls and solid, anti-slip stair

Being exceedingly resilient
to everyday knocks, bumps and collisions and resistant to wear and tear, Warrior’s
Aluminium skirting
 is considered in commercial and residential
projects including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, clinics, resorts, back
office, kitchens, parking areas, building open areas, shopping malls, shopping
centers, super markets, etc. Our products are known for their strength,
continuous security break and least maintenance efforts.

The portable, long-lasting
and low-maintenance aluminium skirting products are fully
compatible to be used in conjunction with floor coverings made by all major
brands. These can also be attached using adhesives, helping you create a
seamless look and a broader appeal that your contemporary designs demand.

We also developed
custom-made solutions for highly specific projects.

We also supply our high
Warrior Products internationally, all across the world.