Warrior WPS is one of the leading and most trusted providers of high-profile wall protection and building safety products in the Middle East, characterized by cutting-edge technology, highest quality standards, and competitive pricing,

Timeless Cleaning & Minimal Maintenance

Warrior WPS wall and surface protection systems bear unmatched repellant properties. We specialize in low-cost, low-maintenance wall protection products that are easy to clean with readily-available detergents and non-abrasive pads.

High Strength & Shock-Bearing Capabilities

Warrior WPS is one of the few suppliers in the U.A.E market that provides 100% tested products, evaluated as per international testing standards and principles for wall protection and building safety products. Our products can bear as high as 250KG of weight at the velocity of 5 KM/Hr.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly

Warrior WPS, aimed towards reduced carbon footprints, has been one of the pioneers to promote recycled materials usage for developing its sustainable products. We believe in green product development to make the planet safer & greener, an aim reflected in our vision and is one of key features of Warrior Products

Join hands with us & help us make our buildings & people safer than ever before!

What We Offer?

Manufacturing & Supplying high-grade range of products of PVC (Vinyl), Aluminium, Rubber wall protection systems and guards, Steel and Stainless steel wall protection systems, including handrails, wall guards, corner guards, disable grab bars, blind road markers, infusion derrick rails, aluminium and pvc skirting, aluminium stair nosing, fenders, bollards and anti-slip tape, Warrior WPS has gained an impressive customer base all across the U.A.E (Abu dhabi, Dubai, & Sharjah), Muscat (Oman), Qatar (Doha), Jeddah & Riyadh, (Saudi Arabia), Kuwait and Bahrain, and in rest of the world.

We have successfully been expanding our comprehensive and diversified product portfolio to international markets, along with serving our increasing customer base in Middle East.

What Makes Us Unique?

Warrior’s “systems” approach to unmatched wall protection and building safety innovations lets us blend our vision of a “safer building model” with “state-of-the-art technology improvisation” for increased quality and functionality of all our product ranges, available at the most competitive pricing.

Our Differentiating Approach

Warrior’s R&D and other departments closely pay attention to all the elements when it comes to design and functionality. Many qualities, details and efficiency boosting features are integrated into overall system and product design. Special consideration is given to building geometry, project specifications, spatial relationships, technical specifications, geographical information and other factors for having a full and clear vision of the projects.

 Our Affiliates

Warrior is leader in Construction Builders Materials and Hardware in the Middle East with an active eCommerce Portal servinc the Middle East and in General the International Market with International Shipping available with more than 80,000 products.Please visit our leading e-Commerce Website dealing with Hardware Power Tools and Equipments Supplyvan.com

Our other Products include Expansion Joints and LED Lights