What are PVC Handrails


PVC Handrails Sturdy ,Antibacterial and Fire rated are essentials of Projects like Hospitals , Clinics , Kitchen Environments where cleanliness and dust free Environments are ensured.These sturdy handrails are Crash protected and offer assistance to Patients and Disabled.


High-quality plastic handrails should be installed on stairs in homes.Especially if there are elder people or children. At commercial spaces and public places, where stairs are constantly in use by heavy traffic, durable stairs handrails play a great role in keeping the traffic movement safe. Adds safety and protection to stairs.Contemporarily designed and stylish handrails bring a creative appeal to your overall space.


Do PVC Handrails require Maintenance ?


PVC railings generally outperform other materials since they are very easy to clean, don’t shrink, warp, decay or rot, while maintaining color and shine for a number of years to come. Being man-made, all handrails are consistent in quality and value, making them an affordable, one-time investment with little annual maintenance cost.

Given with exceptional impact protection, our products provide immense durability to all kind of facilities, budgets and applications, including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, clinics, resorts, back office, kitchens, parking areas, building open areas, training institutes, shopping malls, shopping centers, super markets, offices, parking lot etc.


Warrior’s stairs handrails and other Warrior Products are compliant to state’s regulations for client safety and continuous security bracket, which makes them an ideal solution for high-risk environments. Featured with anti-collision shock absorber, fire resistance, and diverse patterns, colors and styles, our handrails are a beautiful combination of functionality and aesthetics.