Rubber Wall Guards

What are Rubber Corner and Wall Guards


Rubber Corner Guards are extruded Solid Rubber Sections The solid rubber corner guards wrap-around property corner, columns and entrances that are exposed to vehicle and warehouse traffic.Corner guards come in option of all-black rubber extrusion and/or with illuminated yellow strips on both arms of the guards.Warrior corner guards are designed to take the impact from vehicular hits.while the metal  retainers protect the concrete wall against impact, the rubber protects the vehicles from getting damaged.



We are Manufactures of all kind of fenders for industrial and loading bay application.Designed for the right application and size, we can engineer the polymer and product as per your requirement.Our fenders are UV resistant an can endure high levels of impact stress to effectively protect your walls send us your requirements and we will custom make a solution or offer you a standard solution as available


The vulnerable spaces in homes, warehouses, loading bays, go-downs, retail facilities and hospital service corridors especially demand exceptional wall protection, which Warrior seamlessly provides through its wide range of Rubber wall protection products.

Warrior is a leading provider of high-profile wall protection and infrastructure safety products, all across the U.A.E. Leveraged upon the highest quality standards, durable products, innovative technology and high affordability, we have exclusively developed our PVC and rubber wall protection product lines. Sustainable Rubber corner guards offer premium quality with utmost protection to walls against shocks, pressures and damages caused by carts and other vehicles’ movement.




Warrior holds the broadest range of fenders and bumpers, widely used for industrial and loading bay applications. Our high-performance products combine hull pressure and low-reaction force with rugged construction and exceptional angular performance, suitable for even the toughest and most demanding commercial or industrial setting.


Our exclusive and affordable fenders, having galvanized steel/aluminium clip, are available in various shapes including round, cone, arch, cylindrical, cell, pneumatic and foam elastomer. Designed both in standard and customized dimensions and colors, these fenders are suitable for most of the applications. Being UV-resistant and able to withstand high stress, Warrior’s premium grade rubber fenders, manufactured with superior craftsmanship, provide your walls robust protection and shock-absorbing ability.




The rubber corner guards offered by us, are taken as another name of strength and protection, by our residential and commercial clients, including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, clinics, resorts, back office, kitchens, parking areas, building open areas, training institutes, shopping malls, shopping centers, super markets, offices, parking lot etc.


The objective to keep your walls protected against damages and pressure while helping them retaining their aesthetic appeal, is successfully served by installing our rigid, rubber corner guards around the corners and columns of walls and entrances exposed to heavy traffic.


Choose corner guards in all-black rubber extrusion and/or with illuminated yellow strips on both arms of the guards. The metal retainers protect the concrete wall against impact, while the rubber protects the vehicles from getting damaged.

Rubber Wall guards are also available in varied sizes to protect long lengths of parking areas and building areas against damages. Wheels stoppers are using in parking lots to prevent vehicles reversing beyond a certain point and avoid hitting the wall of the parking lots.

Warrior Speed humps are made of high quality rubber and can be used in variety of locations including car parks, open parking lots, streets and main roads to slow down vehicles going at high speeds and force the driver to reduce speeds.

We Supply our Products World Wide! Check out our Safety Products which also include several Products for the Visually Impaired