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Security Steel Safety Crash Rated Bollard

Security Crash rated bollards
Stainless Steel Bollards PAS 68 HVM
PAS68 Crash Rated Bollards
Anti Ram Crash Security Bollards

What are Security Bollards?


Security Bollards are PAS68 Crash Tested HVM Bollard.They are tested in accordance with HVM (High Vehicle Mitigation) Standards.These are installed at high security risk public and private locations.They ensure safety of Public Property users. These Bollards can be designed and fabricated in accordance with existing relevant Standards.These Bollards are available in various ratings as tested and designated by their K4 , K8 , K12 ratings etc in accordance with criterias laid down to assure clients and users of their compliance and product comparisons with various Manufacturers


How to install Security Bollards


Crash Security Bollards are installed on pre-designed foundations in conformity with PAS 68 design certified standards.Bollards are welded to the Concrete foundation rebars for stability.M30 to M40 strength designed reinforced concrete would be sufficient.However trial tests will be needed by PAS 68 test consultants in to certify these Bollards for their compliance.

Steel Security Bollards are safety Barriers at Projects and Establishments to prevent infilitration by Crash thro vehicles and infiltrators.Such Bollards safe guard Properties by their virtual resistance and strength to stop in their tracks vehicles.  


High profile Individuals and Corporates and Establishments require unprecedented levels of Security due to Vehicle initiated crashes. Security Crash Bollards offer a high degree of protection at strategic locations at Entrances to Buildings , Residences , Government and Private Buildings , High end Villas and Homes.


Such High Protection featured Security Bollards are designed with low level Concrete foundations and are easy to install.


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Security Steel Safety Crash Rated Bollard