Stair Nosing

What is a Stair Nosing ?


Stair nosing are anti slip angles fixed on stair tread edges, an ideal way to ensure an anti-slip protection at the stairs. These nosings available in PVC and TPU materials also resist wear and tear at the front edge of stair steps and thus help extending the life of stairway. Aluminium step protection are available in various sizes depending on functional and architectural requirements of the Project and Client


MATERIALS and Finishes:Extruded Alumium: ASTM 6063T5 Anodised


51*30mm , 45 x 25 other customizable sizes 40x20 with Rubber Insert

Other customisable sizes

Standard of aluminum:

Extruded Aluminium ASTM6063T5

Aluminium Finish


Standard insert

Carborundum 1mm Tape,Rubber, 

PVC, Cast in situ as required

Color of insert

Black usually

Standard length:

3m /cuto length customizable

Stairs Nosing Brings Tread Protection

Our company offers high-quality stair protection, designed for both safety and durability. Our  products are anti slip and feature PVC and TPU materials that resist wear at the front edges of stair steps, extending the life of each step, in various sizes to meet the functional and architectural requirements of any project. Our aluminum stair nosing also feature ASTM 6063-T5 anodized finish to ensure greater longevity.

Our stair protection also come in a range of colors and patterns to complement different floor coverings, depending on usage, frequency, and environmental conditions. Our nosing are ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor applications where stair tread protection and increased safety are a priority We can provide custom-made stair nosings in T6063-5 for clients with specific needs. 

At Warrior, we are committed to providing our clients with the most extensive range of durable and reliable stair nosings. Browse our full range of products today. 

The custom-made staircase protect are also developed for specific clients and are also available with or without Carborundum.Also available with or without Anti Slip tapes.


Warrior’s high-quality anti slip step protection is available in T6063-5 (optional 6)

We also supply internationally the entire range of our Warrior Products