Aluminium Stair Nosings

What are Stair Nosings ?


Stair nosing are anti slip angles fixed on stair tread edges, an ideal way to ensure an anti-slip protection at the stairs. These nosings available in PVC and TPU materials also resist wear and tear at the front edge of stair steps and thus help extending the life of stairway. Aluminium nosings are available in various sizes depending on functional and architectural requirements of the Project and Client


Stairs Nosing Brings Stair Tread Protection


Warrior offers a distinctive array of staircase nosing ,stair edge protectors defined by striped patterns and diverse colors. Get the most extensive range of durable and anti-slip stair nosing profiles with us, that suit most floor coverings depending on usage, frequency and conditions of the environment. Our Aluminum stair nosingsedge trims are ideal for any indoor or outdoor application where stair tread protection and added safety are desired or required. These are strictly compliant to safety code of conducts, offering prolonged life of walls andsolid, anti-slipstair surfaces.


Warrior’s cast nosings are used for a number of commercial and residential projects including hospitals,hotels, restaurants, clinics, resorts, back office,kitchens, parking areas,building open areas, shopping malls, shopping centers,super markets, etc.


The custom-made staircase nosings are also developed for specific clients. Stair nosings are also available with or without Carborundum.Also available with or without Anti Slip tapes.


Warrior’s high-quality anti slip step nosings in T6063-5 (optional 6) are also available

We also supply internationally the entire range of our Warrior Products