Tactile Strips

What are Tactile strips ?

Tactile paving guidance for Blind and Visually impared, also known as Blind road markers , are a practical solution to help blind visually impaired individuals to find their way safely. The textured pavements are given different patterns at the points where direction changes.  Linear on the straight, and round at intersections, these markers let the intended users sense through feet where they should walk to. Such Tactile striped are meant for intended users only and easily recognized by visually impaired , making travelling safe and friendly for all.

Tactile strips, also known as detectable warning tiles, are raised surfaces with a distinctive pattern or texture that are used to alert visually impaired individuals of approaching hazards, such as the edge of a curb or platform. They are typically made of concrete, plastic, or other durable materials and are designed to be felt underfoot or with a cane.

Tactile strips are used to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility in various public areas, including sidewalks, transit stations, and public buildings. They are often used in combination with other accessibility features, such as braille signs and audio cues, to provide a comprehensive and effective wayfinding solution for visually impaired individuals.

Advantages of tactile strips include their durability, low maintenance, and ease of installation. They are also cost-effective, making them an attractive option for many organizations. Additionally, tactile strips can be designed to blend in with the surrounding environment, making them less obtrusive and more aesthetically pleasing.

It’s important to note that the use of tactile strips is regulated by various international and local standards, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States and the International Building Code (IBC). These standards specify the required size, shape, and spacing of the strips, as well as their color, material, and other technical specifications.

How to install Tactile strips ?

Tactile Pavers are Pin type and Adhesive Type and depending upon the Project Requirements are used accordingly.The Pin types are usually constructed of 6mm pins and to fix these holes are drilled into finish floors and glued.Templates are used to create suitable layouts as per Project Plans and Tactile guidance layouts created accordingly with Studs at Corners , Junctions to indicate turns.

Exclusive Warrior’s range of  Tactile Paving Indicators product line helps clients to make their roads, parking lots, driveways, platforms, stations and sideways fully secure for all.

Visually, our blind road markers are used in metro and train stations, public transport systems, bus stops, airports, taxi stands, malls, parks and pedestrians and traffic signal crossings.

High Quality Pavers and Paving, are made up of various Materials like PVC ,Vinyl , ABS and stainless steel , providing immense flexibility, durability and functionality to help targeted customers. Installation of Warrior’s blind road markers not only keep the pathways organized but also ensures that both motorized and foot traffic are safe from mishaps and accidents. All our safety products are continuous security break and subject to updated safety regulations.

Choices , can be found abundantly, like custom-made pavement markers, stencils, and reflective pavement markers that are ideal for showing the traffic lanes to motorist in dark.

Our product range , is also available across the world.Our safety products also include Tactile Studs