Door Aluminium Entrance Mats

What are Entrance Mats


Aluminium Entrance Mats  are the most effective way of controlling dust at the entrances. It also adds to your overall appearances and makes your entrance look luxurious. Our Dust – Buster Aluminium Mat is suited for High traffic areas, keeps floors clean & dry by providing exceptional wiping/scraping action.


Our Aluminium Matting are Anti-rust and can be recessed inside the flooring, which gives an excellent look to the entrance area. Carpet inside the Aluminium Matting prevents dust particles and moisture from entering inside the door.


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Warrior Aluminum Mats feature carpet, rubber or brush insert in an aluminum alloy groove. These mats are designed to effectively remove dirt, debris, and moisture from the shoes and provide excellent anti slip properties. With a strong load-bearing capacity, Warrior aluminum floor mats can also support carts and cars being driven over them. We offer a variety of customization options to suit your application and budget, including wall thickness and height of the aluminum alloy, carpet material, color, size, etc.


Where are Heavy Duty Entrance Mats used?

Warrior entrance mat is widely used in entrances to various business environments and high traffic areas, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, apartments, schools, hospitals, enterprises, etc.


Entrance Matting properties:


·        Mat heights: 12, 17 or 22 mm

·        Many inserts like Brush, Carpet, Rubber etc also available in a wide design

·        Aluminium installation frames with/without frame

·        Mat types: rubber, cassette brushes, ribbed carpet insert with a range of features and possible combinations

·        Wide range of designs and customized sizes available

·        Customized sizes as per your Project Requirments can be manufactured

·        Framed and non framed Heavy Duty Entrance Mats are available

·        Circular mats can be customized

·        Mats with Corporate Logos can be customized


Additionally they are all eco-friendly which shows one of many steps we take towards being environmentally friendly. The whole range of aluminium entrance matting systems are custom made to order, which is ideal when you require a custom size door mat and they are suitable for use as recessed aluminium entrance mats. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. There are also more bespoke options which include logos, as wells as a wide selection of colour options.


Our safety products also include Tactile Studs for the Visually impaired


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