Bathroom Grab Bars

What are PVC Disabled Grab Bars

Bathroom safety grab bars are devices designed to provide support and stability for people when using the bathroom. They can be installed near the toilet, shower, or bathtub to help people maintain balance and reduce the risk of falls. Some common types of bathroom grab bars include straight bars, angled bars, and flange-mounted bars.

When selecting a bar, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  1. Material: Grab bars can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, plastic, and brushed nickel.
  2. Size: The length and diameter of the grab bar should be appropriate for the intended use and the user’s needs.
  3. Mounting: Grab bars should be securely attached to a solid wall or structure, and should be able to support the weight of the user.
  4. Style: There are many different styles of grab bars available, including curved bars, decorative bars, and textured bars for added grip

Why are Elderly support rails used?

If you have elderly or disable family members, you would definitely want to make your home a safer place for them. Though falls and related accidents in homes are the major risks for anyone; senior or physically challenged people are more vulnerable to these risks. A fall may happen in any corner of the home, but bathrooms are the most common places where such accidents happen. Disable Grab Bars serve as the most suitable solution to avoid such accidents and consequential injuries.

What are Grab bars for Disabled and Elderly?

Grab Support for Disabled, also called bathroom support rails help people having balance and strength issues to safely lift themselves up and down and move around a bathroom with enhanced safety, mobility and independence. These ound supports around toilet, shower and bathtubs, make it easier for elderly and physically disabled people to have easy and safe movement around, while complementing the bathroom décor through exclusive designs and styles.

Our supportive bathroom rails are used by a range of clients including homes, hospitals, disability centers, hotels, restaurants, clinics, resorts, offices, training institutes, shopping malls, shopping centers, super markets, and parking lots etc. Developed from highly resistant and durable PVC material, Warrior’s disable grab bars are known for their extra-ordinary performance, longevity, and strict compliance with user safety standards.

We offer a lot of variations in terms of size, colors and designs for catering user’s unique needs. Our diversified disable grab bars product line includes security pole & curve grab bars, hinged rails, adjustable bathtub grab bars, mounted grab bars, bathroom arm supports, adjustable width rails, folding toilet safety rails, support rail toilet paper holder, non-skip grips and rails with folding leg.

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