Hospital Disposable Medical Curtains

What are Hospital Medical Curtains? 

Hospitals and Medical Clinics layout and Hospitals settings are state-of-the-art and cutting edge safety equipment and products for seamless operations and ensuring safety of the patients and staff. High-quality, flexible and mobile and Disposable Hospital Medical Grade Fire Retardant and Anti bacterial Curtains are the need of hospitals’ wards and treatment rooms.

What are Hospital Medical Curtains made of?

Hospital Curtains are made of PVC fabric which are inherently treated with approved anti bacterial and fire retardant chemicals which make the Medical curtains safe for patients and provide superior protection. 

The PVC Hospital Flexible ,Mobile and Disposable Curtains, installed with durable custom-made pulleys, are resistant to high level of wear & tear associated with hospitals. From single person ward to multiple-patients ward setting, the PVC curtain rails attached with ABS connector joints, bring seamless functionality and flexibility of use.

Warrior, a leading provider of wall protection and building safety products and equipment, offers its standard and custom-made curtain rails for hospitals, all across the U.A.E. Our derrick rails are known for high strength, long lifespan, continuous security break and minimal maintenance. Apart from hospitals, we also serve our residential and other commercial clients such as restaurants, hotels, airports, emergency centers, clinics, offices, shopping malls, metro stations and public organizations.

 Warrior Disposable Curtains are available in Inherent Fire Rated and Anti Bacterial properties,stitched to customized sizes and standard 

All of our products are easy to install and need minimal maintenance i.e. regular cleaning and lubrication. Complying with the latest safety standards in the Middle East, Warrior’s wall protection and building safety products are the topmost choice of a number of clients across the region. Backed by licensed products and certified technicians, our team delivers best quality products and services at the best price.

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