PVC Wall Guards Products

Warrior PVC Vinyl Handrails

PVC Handrails

PVC handrails are used in hospitals, nursing homes, resaurants, hotels and other public places to allow support. These are fixed on the walls and come in variety of colors and designs to suit your interiors.

Warrior PVC Vinyl Wall Guards

PVC Wall Guards

The broad Aluminium Extruded base is professionally designed with good anti-collision and excellence fire resistant performance. The surface with the textured grained is UV resistant.Single and double color(strip as in picture) with various color options are available.

pvc corner guard

PVC Corner Guards

Extruded Textured PVC Vinyl resin that has impact shock and abrasion resistant. Wide variety of colors and laminates to offer for different requirments.Easy and user friendly to install.

Warrior Grab Support Bars
Disabled Grab Bars

Extruded linear Nylon Textured Grad Bar with Aluminium Core body as reinforce strenghtening. Supply minium 300mm to maximum 800mm per length. Customized length option with 600mm interval joints.

Stainless Steel Tactile Studs Strips Paving Pavers

Tactile Studs and Strips

Blind road markers are commonly used for metro projects and all kinds of public places and public transport areas to help visually challenged people navigate around areas and cities.

Hospital Medical Curtains

Hospital Curtains

Extruded Aluminium alloy materials , specialized designed ,hard wearing, smooth operation, safe and stable. The connector joints between the rails are appropriative ABS materials which make the whole rails seamless

Anodized Aluminium Skirting

Aluminium and PVC Skirting

PVC skirtings are used for decorative purposes along the points where the wall and floor meet.

Anodized Aluminium Stair Nosing
Aluminium Stair Nosing

Made of Special Aluminium Alloy, Warrior Stair nosings are used on all kinds of staircases to allow friction at step edges preventing people from slipping while climbing or getting down a staircase.

Rubber Wall Guards are a good way to protect Parking area to prevent cars from scraping or banging whilst reversing
Rubber Wall Protection Products

We manufacture of all kinds of fenders, wall bumpers, corner guards, wall guards, speed humps and other rubber products.

Stainless Steel SS Corner Guard
Mild Steel/Stainless Steel /Galvanised Corner Guards

Steel and stainless steel corner guards are available in various types, thickness, width and lengths for different applications.

Blind Road marker Tactile pavers TPU stud Tiles

TPU Tactile Strip Pavers

Stainless Steel Tactiles studs layout in approved manner provides tremendous for the Visually challenged to find their way effortless , independently and safely

Stainless Steel Bollards PAS 68 HVM

Steel Bollards

We can manufacture all kind of bollards in stainless steel and steel, painted or powder coated for different kinds of applications, we can design or make as per your design.

Warrior Aluminium Matting for Entrances

Aluminium Entrance Mats

Aluminium Entrance Matting Mat heights: 12, 17 or 22 mm Many inserts like Brush, Carpet, Rubber etc also available in a wide design Aluminium installation frames with/without frame