PVC Wall Guards

What are PVC Wall Guards?

PVC wall guards are made of up heavy duty PVC material help prevent damages in your parking garages, loading docks, storage spaces and other locations. They serve as a simple and effective solution for ensuring wall protection as these are easy to install and maintain, while withstanding shocks and pressures very well.Wall Protection in any Hospital or Kitchen Project with Sturdiness ,Fire rated and Antibacterial are very important Project Elements 


PVC Wall Guards Help Retain your Property’ Aesthetics & Increase its Value


In U.A.E PVC wall guards can be widely seen at many places including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, clinics, resorts, back office, kitchens, parking areas, building open areas, training institutes, shopping malls, shopping centers, super markets, offices, parking lot etc.


Being congested and often involved in loading and unloading heavy stuff, these places are faced with higher chances of bumps and collisions, which may have a big impact on your walls’ surfaces and appearance. Extruded plastic or Vinyl wall guards provide extra cushion to garages, docks and other settings to keep them in a brand new form, which eventually contributes to high property value.


A damaged wall, corner, or any part of the building having dents, scratches or other damages significantly demonstrates the need of proper wall protection, both for commercial and residential projects. 


Warrior Demonstrates Premium Quality & Superior Craftsmanship


Warrior’s wall protection systems include a range of wall guards, available in various standards colors, shapes and styles. All products can be custom-made for meeting clients’ specific requirements.

The broadly-designed surface of our PVC wall guards provides ultimate coverage and safeguards walls from external impact. Along with unique ability to protect the areas of any building or facility, they have higher design flexibility, which makes them a timeless solution for your wall protection needs. Complied with the highest clients’ safety regulations as imposed in the region and featuring continuous security break, our products are reliable and a foremost choice of our customers.


PVC Wall Guards Maintenance

The strong acrylic vinyl or ABS wall guards by Warrior are heavy duty products that strongly resist all kinds of abuse, leading to significantly lower maintenance and repair cost annually. Choose from 6 standards colors and stylesFor every style, custom color matching is available.

Warrior also has a range of PVC Vinyl or ABS Corner Guards /  Steel Bollards


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