Stainless Steel Corner Guards

What are Steel Corner Guards?

Steel Corner guards are metal protection in various shapes as required for building corner protections and are available in Various grades and finishes of Steel as required 

Buildings’ corners bear a lot of abuse. Whether there is a furniture movement or a too shallow turn taken by a forklift, all it takes seconds to leave a permanent scar on your wall. Investing for extremely protected walls by installing long-lasting stainless steel corners ,or Steel Wall Protectors  as they are called,help solve this problem.

Wood and ordinary plastic corner guards may break or splinter with time. Steel/stainless steel is much sturdier than other materials, thus, provides greater physical protection and resists wear and tear, moisture and extreme shocks efficiently. The steel and stainless steel guards are low-maintenance products, lasting for even up to 10 years if properly maintained. Thus, with these, you can save a considerable cost every year while protecting your walls with care.

Warrior aims to make all residential and commercial buildings a safer model for all, while cutting down maintenance costs of the buildings to the lowest level.

Warrior’s steel/stainless steel corner guards, in most of the cases, are one-time investment, i.e. you need to bought and install these guards just once. Apart from solid protection granted to your walls and buildings’ corners, our stainless steel corner guards offer a space-age, smooth and shiny finish to your décor, adding a touch of style that uplifts even the most average locations.

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